Monday, October 17, 2011


I've been so bad at updating this! However, I love looking back and seeing what Trevor and I have written. Anyways....where to begin? This January I took an auditing job at a local audit firm and it was just NOT for me! So I got another job as Property Accountant at ExtraSpace Storage and currently do the accounting for 29 sites! 29 bank reconciliations, 29 fixed asset reconciliations, and 29 financial statements each month keeps me very busy around close and I L-O-V-E it! I feel like I am learning so much! Also, in May I finally graduated from University of Utah! I was on the five year program of a four year degree, but at least I finished! Trevor is currently working at Dish Network setting up satellites and he seems to enjoy it. He is working towards getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is very busy with working 45+ hours and going to school full-time. I don't know how he does it when all his classes are physics or calculus classes. He is doing homework as I am typing this and his lecture is spouting words like kinetic energy and velocity and I am thinking I don't know what either of those words even mean! Anyways, I am so proud of all he does!

Yes....Trevor and I are still teaching the sunbeams! We still love it, even though we aren't that great at it and should probably be released! We've picked up a couple additional children and now we have TEN sunbeams in our class! It's crazy most weeks. We try our best though. A ward member came up and asked us last week how many of our own children Trevor and I are planning to have after teaching this class and Trevor replied, "We're thinking maybe......MAYBE....a puppy." Haha... he's all talk about waiting a long time but he definitely gets the baby hungry eyes every time our nieces and nephews come over so we'll see. I still think it will be a WHILE (Heather, your going to need to a have a fifth one to keep the grandchildren coming...haha)! He is completely in love with Aspen, one of our newest nieces. When I come home after work and Aspen was over he always says, "You have no idea how cute Aspen was being today." Last month, our sister, Melissa, gave us a VERY new niece that we haven't been lucky enough to meet yet named Tessa Anne that I am sure he would just fall in love with too.

Well back onto the sunbeams. I just have to tell this story because it was literally probably the most embarrassed I have ever been..... at church. I've definitely been more embarrassed other places but I don't feel comfortable sharing those stories with you just yet! Anyways, Trevor and I were teaching our sunbeams a couple of months back and we had finished our lesson, half the children in our class had already been picked up by their parents, and Trevor and I were playing a impromptu game of tag with the few remaining children. One boy kept hitting Trevor's leg and yelling, "I got your leg!!" Trevor would tap the boy back on the forehead and reply, "Got your face!" Well after a couple times of this the boy hit Trevor's middle thigh and SCREAMED down the hall at church as LOUD as humanly possible, "I got your WEINER!!!" Immediately, Trevor and my mouths dropped to the floor and the game was over. We just looked down the hall wondering how many members heard! However, looking on the bright side the good news is that at that moment Trevor and I had officially won WORST sunbeam teachers ever and there was no where to go but up.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say. Trevor and I are currently looking for a house and we've placed a couple offers down at different places. The bank accepted one of our offers and we are moving forward with that and completing the home inspection this Wednesday and we REALLY hope that everything works out with it so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh my goodness. I couldn't love teaching the sunbeams any more! Lately, I have really just felt the need to write down all the cute things they I don't ever forget!

Last week our lesson was on the holy ghost. The manual instructed us to share a story from President Wilford Woodruff. In the story Woodruff heeded to the prompting of the holy ghost when he was on vacation and moved the carriage he was sleeping along with his mules. After he did this, a powerful burst of wind broke down the tree that his mules were tied to and then carried that tree right to where his carriage would have been parked if he hadn't moved it. So after Trevor and I get done telling the story, one cute little boy looks up just completely confused and says, "Why would the holy ghost want to hurt those people?" Haha....So we continue on with the lesson, and then just about five minutes later another little boy raises his hand. "So, is the holy ghost a good guy or a bad guy?" I guess Trevor and I didn't clarify that although most ghosts ARE scary, the holy ghost isn't scary.

We have one little girl in our class that is going to grow up to go to Harvard or some other ivy league school. She is so stinking smart. We have almost made it through all of the articles of faith. So we are on the last one, and she just has it done cold. She's busting out all the honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous adjectives. Then the teacher gets to the part where it says, "we may say that we believe in following the admonitions of Paul." She stops before the word admonitions and asks all the kids if they knew what the next word is. Our little sunbeam was the only one who knew and it was just so cute to see her bust out such a HUGE word. Haha...the even funnier part is that Trevor and I were both looking at one another trying to see if either one of us knew what the next word was so we could give hints to our class. Hah...neither one of us knew.

We have one little girl that is so cute, I can hardly stand it. SHE HATES SINGING TIME. I've had to hold her while she's cried through it about three times now. It's been way cute to see her develop an emotional attachment for me though. She won't let go of her mom until she knows she can sit on my lap. I have to admit I just love it! :) Plus I am starting to suspect that she has a crush on another boy in our class because whenever we go for walks she INSISTS on only holding his hand. Then they always whisper to eachother secrets. It's the cutest thing.

Trevor also has a little one that always wants to be by him. We have just started calling him, "The Kitty." He just comes and rubs up against you the WHOLE TIME and just wants to be hugged or cuddled. So it's become a huge inside joke that whenever he comes over we just start to pet his head and try to get the other one's attention.

Anyways, there are some sunbeam tales for you. Seven sunbeams is a lot of work but I honestly NEVER want to be released! :(

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

It's kind of weird to think that exactly one year ago today, we were already married and were just throwing the last little bit of Liz's things into one of our cars and heading off to the reception. Where we hoped that our guests would soon be arriving, emphasis on hoped, there was a mix up on the invitations and it showed that our reception was being held down the road at one of the many other LDS church houses in the neighborhood. Anywho this past year seems like it has just flown by, and I still find myself feeling exceptionally lucky to be married to such an amazing girl. We have grown together as close friends and I love spending all the freetime that we should be using to do homework with Liz which makes it hard for me to get things done when I really do have homework to do.
Liz you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I honestly couldn't be happier with ahyone else. I have loved you more and more since the day I Married you and I look forward to every day I get to wake up next to you.
I love you Libby,
Happy Anniversary,

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Trevor and I had a lot of fun on all hallow's eve, here are some pictures to enjoy! :)

All little TOO MUCH FUN! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cutest Kids EVER!

Over the weekend, we had Dan and Heather's kids. We just love them so much! Especially because they give a good excuse to go out and have some fun! We took them to the fair, and the best part was that a lot of stuff was free! The only thing we had to pay for was the rides! Other than that a lot of businesses were doing advertising by giving out free candy, doing free face painting, and making free balloon animals. Then afterwards, we took them to McDonalds(we encourage such good nutrition), and the park to fly kites, and finally ended up at the Doney's watching Veggie Tales. Dan and Heather have raised some very good children! Brooklyn, their one-year-old, did not cry or even fuss the WHOLE time!

Liz's 22nd B-Day

Trevor was such a sweetheart on my birthday! He got up and made me the most delicious omelet. Then when I returned home after work and classes, he made me dinner. The most yummy stirfry!:) Further, because we had already had brownies and icecream twice with the Doney family and the Evans family and had told him no more devil food, he had dipped some strawberries in my favorite white chocolate and had written "Happy Birthday Liz" on them. After dinner, we went and saw "A-TEAM." It was a pretty good movie (probably because I had the sweetest man in the WHOLE WORLD sitting next to me). Thanks Trevor! And also much MUCH thanks for the awesome camera in the whole world!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moab - Or "Mobe" as the Curtis' Would Like to Say

This past memorial weekend, Trevor and I had such a blast in Moab. We left Friday night (at 5:30 pm) when I got off work. Traffic was crawling all the way to Spanish Fork, but we still pulled into our Campsite by 10:30 pm. We camped in a little outcove behind Tombstone rock. It was such a gorgeous campsite. At night we could hike up some Rocky Cliffs right by it and watch some of the most beautiful sunsets. Although the weather during the day was fantastic (sunny with occasional cool bursts of wind to cool you off) the weather during the night was aweful! The wind was horrendous!!! All during the night, the wind would topple over the tent so the tent walls would smash against our faces and bodies. Finally, the last night staying there the wind subsided. On Saturday, we went on the Devil's Garden hike. It was very beautiful, and Trevor took such a cool picture of Double O arch. On Sunday, we were all pretty worn out so we just went on some small little hikes to some look out points above the white rim biking trail. On Monday we all headed home, and SHOWERED right away! Well...Trevor showered right away. For some reason, I waited almost the whole day! I need to work on the whole showering every day or at least every other day thing! Anyways, it was My and Trevor's fist camping trip together and we just loved being with eachother and getting sandy and dirty!:)